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Friday, November 22, 2019

Village of Concord Village Council met April 23

By Angelica Saylo Pilo | Jun 18, 2019

Meeting 07

Village of Concord Village Council met April 23.

Here is the minutes provided by the council:

Council Members Present: Jeremiah Bush, Jeff Jackson, Tom Norris, T. Casey, Mike Lovitt, Ashley Meeks and Kyle George.

Council Members Absent: None

Public Present: A. Losey, K. Wyatt, K. Mills, B. Barton, Deputy L. Jacobson, DPW Director J. Blossom, and Village Clerk J. Lefere.

For their review, Council Members were e-mailed or given: Bills to be paid in Amount of $33,163.20; Fire Board Minutes April 2019, Village Building Inspector Contact Email; Fire Marshal Exploration Email; May 2019 Village Voice; Recommended PC Updates from IT Right Email; Construction Code Ordinance & Property Maintenance Code Ordinance Email; International Property Maintenance Code Email; 4/9/19 Village Council Meeting Proposed Minutes; 4/23/2019 Council Meeting Agenda.

Motioned by A. Meeks, seconded by J. Jackson, to accept the minutes from the 4/9/2019 meeting as presented. The motion was approved by all.

Public Comments:

K. Wyatt mentioned he was talking to a resident about the discussion at the last meeting of feral cats in the Village. The resident wanted to know what harm the cats were doing in the village. J. Bush offered several property damage complaints about the cats such as spraying, urinating, and defecating on building windows, doors, and decks which leaves a foul odor; digging holes at the foundations of building; climbing on vehicles and scratching the paint; killing the area's song bird population.

The Payment of Bills in the amount of $33,163.20 was presented. Motioned by J. Jackson, seconded by A. Meeks, to approve the payment of bills in the amount of $33,163.20. Motion approved by all.

J. Blossom mentioned he met with a representative from a company which does the State mandated cross connection inspections. The company is going to get a quote for the Village and recommended the inspections are completed over the course of three years. The State has not put forth a time frame for expected completion of the cross connection but insists each municipality have a plan in place. J. Blossom also stated the village clock is installed. The concrete bench in front of the Village Office will be put in on Wednesday. The defective front steps will be replaced next week at no additional cost. J. Blossom intends to sign the USDA Water project permit application, it will then go to the DEQ, and then on to the USDA for approval, with projected bid process to be completed the end of May. The sewer line behind the businesses on the west side of the downtown business district will be paid out of the sewer fund. Consumers Power was in the Village looking at trees with health issues which are near power lines and will need to be removed, 12 trees were identified and will be removed, SEMCO contracted with Miller Pipeline to install gas mains in the Village, Miller Pipeline subcontracted Royston to complete the repair and clean-up of areas disturbed by the gas main installation process. There have been multiple issues with the clean-up not being satisfactory to resident and Village officials. SEMCO stated Royston has until the end of the week to complete the repair and clean-up of areas disturbed by installation of the gas main.

J. Bush mentioned the recommended PC updates which were received from IT Right. Some of the PC's in the office have Windows 7 and will no longer be supported after the end of the year. The Council intends to look over the recommendation and the quote and make the decision at the next meeting on this matter.

The Council received a copy of the International Property Maintenance Code Ordinance. Village attorney F. Lucas recommended it be passed at this meeting as it is the universal codes for property maintenance used by almost all municipalities. Motioned by J. Bush, seconded by M. Lovitt to adopt the International Property Maintenance Code Ordinance as the Village Building Property Maintenance Code Ordinance. All were in

favor. Motion approved. The Council also received a copy of a Village Property Maintenance Code which lists the expectations of property owners to maintain their properties within the Village. Motion by J. Bush, seconded by A. Meeks to adopt the Village Property Maintenance Code Ordinance. All were in favor. Motion approved.

L. Jacobson discussed crimes of convenience particularly recent unlocked car break-ins which occurred in the Village. Jacobson recommends if you leave your vehicle unlocked make sure you do not leave anything of value in it. He also mentioned a complaint from a resident about another resident having three dogs and that the dog houses were too close to the fence line. No ordinance or laws are being affected by this so there was nothing which could be done.

J. Bush mentioned a vacant lot on Coxon St. that has been foreclosed upon for back taxes by Jackson County. The Village has first right of refusal and the Council would like to explore if the land would be of any use to the Village or nearby residents before making a decision at the next meeting.

Council Comments:

M. Lovitt stated the clock looks good.

T. Casey asked about the status of the Concord and Pulaski Fire Departments combining. J. Bush stated that several meetings ago it was announced the Pulaski Township Board voted to not pursue combining the two departments.

J. Bush mentioned he, J. Blossom and several others will be attending a Strategic Planning meeting at the school this week.

With no other business to discuss, it was motioned by M. Lovitt, seconded by A. Meeks, to adjourn at 7:42 pm. Morion approved by all.


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